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Michael Sercan Daventry is a British-Turkish journalist based in London.

He is the foreign editor of the weekly Jewish Chronicle and a TV journalist for Euronews, a multilingual broadcaster based in Lyon.

He also often appears on broadcast outlets including BBC TV & Radio and Sky to provide commentary and analysis on developments in Turkey, and as a day-to-day reporter and contributor to newspapers, agencies and websites.

Born in the UK but raised in Turkey, Michael has experience and knowledge of politics and current affairs in both countries, as well as the wider region.

He manages the Turkish political analysis and commentary website and has built extensive contacts within the Turkish, Turkish Cypriot and Kurdish communities living in the UK.

This website contains a shamelessly self-curated selection of Michael’s work. To contact him about a story or to discuss an appearance, visit the contact page.

Examples of Michael’s work can be found by clicking a news outlet's logo above, or in the TV and radio and Writing sections.