Daily Mail: Restaurateurs attack ‘greedy’ delivery firms

Originally printed in the Daily Mail on 4 June 2020. Online version here.

Food delivery giants are forcing restaurants to pay high commission rates and risk driving many out of business, traders have warned.

Under lockdown, the only way food businesses can operate is as a takeaway but firms like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat charge up to 35 per cent per item, and a £3 service fee is charged to customers.

Restaurateurs say delivery firms have seized a bigger share of their income at a time when they have no choice but to work with them.

Ertugrul Elmas, at the Olives and Meze restaurant in London, said: ‘What was unfair was they increased, to 35 per cent, their commission. We have been let down.’

Sal Gunes, of east London takeaway Yaz, urged customers to phone directly instead, and said: ‘We are paying up to 33 per cent for Deliveroo.

Shefik Mehmet, at the Harringay Traders’ Association in north London, said: ‘I think they have been very greedy with these charges and I would urge them to bring prices down.’

Research by trade magazine Britshish found that the lack of regulation meant delivery firms can charge what they want.

But none of the companies contacted by the Mail would commit to temporarily reducing fees.

Deliveroo said: ‘We have introduced a wide range of support measures to help restaurants.’

Uber Eats said its package included free delivery for a month and Just Eat said it offered a 30 per cent commission rebate and no commission on collections.